Monday, October 02, 2006


Remember this date in history: 02 October 2006. It is the day I started my quest to change the world by publishing my own blog!

This is my first ever attempt at "blogging," so bare with me as I attempt to enter the 21st century. As with every other blog, I plan to share my thoughts on a variety of subjects, which no doubt will change the world as we know it. Obviously all of my thoughts are original and are all groundbreaking, so be prepared, I plan to change humanity... just like every other blogger!


I am a pretty well rounded individual, not to toot my own horn. I am interested in many different areas; everything from college football to Star Wars, the Civil War to cooking, politics to movies. You name it, I can usually find something that interests me about most subjects.

I am a married, college educated, Gen-X'er and U.S. Navy Veteran, having served 6 months in the Persian Gulf region. I have been around at least half of the world, and think all cultures are awesome. If you haven't been somewhere completely foreign to your own ways and cultures, you can never really understand why you are the way you are.

So sit back, relax or hang on, whichever the case may be and hopefully we can teach each other a thing or two as I enter the world of the "Blogger!"

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