Monday, October 02, 2006

My first post... uh... post opening statement.... or something like that.

Random thoughts:

1) In the last several years, it seems as though people have began letting their political party define who they are instead of the other way around. I personally know of a few individuals that wait for their union to release a list of candidates to endorse during upcoming elections, and then vote that list as if it were a straight ticket. Whatever happened to voting for the person that you honestly felt was the better candidate regardless of political party affiliation?

I have become increasingly despondent where political party agendas are concerned. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans REALLY care about fixing the problems in this country. Their concern is whether or not the current climate in the country reflects a positive spin for their party so they can stay in power... or get in a position of power.

2) I think all rational people can see that the Bush regime has been far from perfect. There have been many outstanding issues that definitely bring up questions or concerns about the direction our nation is headed. However, I also have to consider the facts. No one was ready for 9/11. That includes everyone in every party. No one was ready for Katrina. Ditto the previous sentiment about everyone. No matter how the liberal or conservative media try to spin the yarn, you can't place the blame on one individual for those horrible occurances.

Now, I will concede that Bush should have been on the first available flight into Louisiana as a show of support, and the help for the survivors and the victims should have been ready BEFORE the levy broke. There was a hurricane coming, a very strong hurricane. FEMA should have been WAY more proactive instead of reactive. Yet, it is hard to be proactive when you don't expect the worst.

All the hashing and re-hashing about how things should have been handled really doesn't matter. Hopefully, our government will look at the 9/11 attacks and the Katrina disaster and learn from thier mistakes. We can't afford to be caught with our pants down anymore. If we do not learn from those events, they will be repeated. If we choose to learn from them and work toward making sure they never happen again, then all the people that died will not have died completely in vain... they will have been martyrs for a better prepared nation for the future.

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